Need a New Basement?

It may be easier and less expensive than you might expect!

» Need More Room?

By having a dry usable basement under the entire house you can increase the living space tremendously.

» Wet Basement?

A good way to fix a wet Michigan basement is to change it.

» Foundation Problems?

Shallow, crumbling or poorly designed foundations can be replaced, improving structural integrity of your home.

» Are Your Floors Cold?

A new basement is tighter and easily heated warming the floors and lowering heat loss.

» No Room to Expand?

Utilizing the space under your house may be an effective alternative.


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We offer the following in Mid-Michigan: house moving, basement repair or basement replacement, replacing foundations, underpinning, shoring, housing raising and other structural moving, repair and restoration.

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» Need a new foundation?

» Would you like to restore it?

» Does it need to move?

» Is it tall enough?