Getting Started

We are here to guide you through the entire process! The first steps is to contact us so we can learn about you and your goals. Please call us at 989-224-7518 (landline) or 517-331-1543 (mobile).

It will be necessary to decide:

» The total scope of the work

» What will be needed to carry out and complete the project

» The type of foundation

We will contact sub-contractors (if necessary), put together a cost estimate, and get permits.


You can view photos by clicking one of the links below:

» Need a new foundation?

» Would you like to restore it?

» Does it need to move?

» Is it tall enough?

» Need a new basement?

We offer the following in Mid-Michigan: house moving, basement repair or basement replacement, replacing foundations, underpinning, shoring, housing raising and other structural moving, repair and restoration.

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