About Us

Hello we are the Hoffer family Ken, Barb, Matt, Mike, Amber and Gracelyn. While the business is operated primarily by Ken, it is still a family operation.

Growing up in the business Matt and Mike have become valuable to the operation.

Mike has joined the marines and we are very proud of him.

Matt is married now and has started his own family with his wife Amber and daughter Gracelyn. We are now grandparents.

God has blessed us in many ways and to Him all the honor and glory belongs.

We offer the following in Mid-Michigan: house moving, basement repair or basement replacement, replacing foundations, underpinning, shoring, housing raising and other structural moving, repair and restoration.

Contact Us

Phone: 989-224-7518
Mobile: 517-331-1543

3005 E. Gratiot Co Line
St. Johns, MI 48879

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